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Abdominalplasty - Tummy tuck

The Abdominalplasty - Tummy tuck makes it possible to decrease the thickness of abdominal grease and to obtain a flat belly.

The Intervention

It makes it possible to solve various problems:

  • To remove the excess of skin.
  • To remove the greasy excess located between the navel and the pubis (by lipoaspiration).
  • To bring closer the muscles to the abdominal wall which usually deviate following pregnancies; this refines the size and decreases obviously projection in front of the belly

The operation is carried out under general anaesthesia. The hospitalization being of 3 has 4 days.

Operational Continuations

You must envisage an activity moderated during a fifteen or so days;you will not have a finer size immediately, because the intervention involves a certain swelling of the abdominal wall and bruises which spend a few weeks to disappear.


The scars located at the short-nap cloth of the pubis and inside the umbilical point will disappear gradually.

Association with the abdominalplasty of the aspiration of grease, makes it possible to obtain a better aesthetic result. The result of the abdominalplasty will be of as much better if the patient is motivated to supervise his weight (balanced food) and for muscler its abdominal strap (gymnastic to invigorate your abdominal muscles).

Controlling one’s weight is one of the best means for improving the result of the surgery, especially if the patient is well-motivated to appropriately follow a well-balanced mode of nutrition and practice gymnastics so as to invigorate and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Before After