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Blepharoplasty Tunisia- Surgery of the eyelids

The blepharoplasty consists has to renovate the glance.

A tired glance or inflated eyes can result from the presence of pockets of lubricating origin in the internal part of the higher eyelids or under the lower eyelids.These excesses of skin and grease can be withdrawn surgically.

The intervention

Last 1 hour on average under local anaesthesia, the hospitalization does not exceed 2 days.

Operational continuations

During 3 days one can feel a gene by closing the eyes, in the same way they can become more sensitive to the light or larmoyer. There exist bruises which persist 8 to 10 days. The joinings are withdrawn at the 5th day and the make-up becomes possible then. A solar protection will be essential during the first six months.

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