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Lipofilling of the face: Aesthetic lipostructure by fat injection


It is an intervention that involves reinjecting the liposuction of the patient's fat in the face, in fact the lipofilling can fill the hollows and create volumes that will give a plumping and rejuvenating effect.
This is a solution that has become increasingly popular because it offers natural results and during this procedure cosmetic surgeons use only the patient's fat (e) not chemicals so this will ensure that the body will not make a bad reaction to the materials used.

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Lipofilling of the buttocks


The lipofilling of the buttocks is a very requested intervention it consists of restoring a curvature lost or absent, by injecting fat areas of the body suffering from fatty deposits. In fact, usually the fat is removed using micro-foam cannulas, at the hips, the breeches and the inside of the thighs.

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All you need to know about breast surgery


The biggest concern of women is to always be beautiful and seductive, they try constantly to highlight their beauty but there are cases where they do not find the solution that gives them the desired result.

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All you need to know to succeed the Abdominal Plasty


For those who do not know the tummy tuck, it is an intervention that reduces the thickness of abdominal fat and get a flat stomach.

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