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Breast Augmentation Tunisia

A plastie mammaire of increase by prosthesis consists in correcting the volume considered to be insufficient of the centres by the installation of implants behind the gland mammaire.

The prostheses consist of a very flexible, textured envelope, filled with physiological salt solution or silicone.

The Intervention

the prosthesis is placed behind gland mammaire, the incision is done either in the armpit, or in the aureole; The operation is carried out under general anaesthesia with a hospitalization of 24:00.

Operational Continuations

you will have a bandage for a few days, and you will put then a support gorges without reinforcement, as from the 3rd week for maintaining your chest well. The operational continuations are not particularly painful, the risks of hématomes, displacements of the implant and of infection remain rare. The scars are invisible and the generally excellent results

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