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Breast augmentation by prostheses in Tunisia

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Cosmetic breast surgery, is a set of techniques for treating defects in the chest. In reality, breast augmentation surgery by prostheses remains the most frequent act in favor of a breast in harmony with the morphology.

What is breast augmentation?

The "placement of breast implants", which occupies the first step of the podium of cosmetic surgery operations on the international level with an average of 45,000 interventions achievable each year in France, makes it possible to obtain a breast that is both more curved and more voluminous on the basis of a change in its shape and volume.

This is an act which is indicated for a woman dissatisfied with the size or shape of her breast, who has a chest, poorly developed or who has had pregnancy, breastfeeding or significant weight loss.
The contribution of this surgery also lies in the benefit of physical and psychological comfort.

Types of breast prostheses

Most cosmetic surgeons use pre-filled silicone gel prostheses because of their safety and excellent adaptation to this type of surgery. In fact, they are very close to the consistency of a natural chest. In addition, in the event of an accidental breaking of the implant, the silicone gel does not flow on the body.

1-Implants in round shape

They allow, to acquire volume on the upper part of the breasts and have breasts whose appearance would be in the shape of an apple.

2-Implants in anatomical shape

They allow, to have pear-shaped breasts,
A base more bulging than the top of the breast,
A gently sloping appearance.

Preoperative consultation

An examination at the cosmetic surgeon makes it possible to fix the operative project by determining the location of the scars, the type and size of the implants as well as their positioning in relation to the muscle.
A preoperative blood test is carried out in accordance with the prescriptions as well as a radiological assessment of the mammography-ultrasound type is carried out by the patient to ensure the absence of contraindications to this procedure. 

It is recommended that the patient stop smoking 1 month before and after the operation as well as any medication containing aspirin during the 10 days preceding the day of surgery.


The cosmetic surgeon proceeds by making skin incisions in the areola, armpit or submammary to place the prostheses behind or before the pectoral muscle. Through these incisions, the implants will be introduced into the boxes made for this purpose.
In practice, two positions are possible:
A first premuscular positioning, by which the implants are placed directly behind the gland or in front of the pectoral muscles,
A second retromuscular positioning, through which the prostheses will be placed deeper behind the pectoral muscles.
Finally, a small drain is put in place to evacuate the blood that could accumulate around the prostheses as well as a "modeling" dressing achievable with an elastic bandage.
In practice, this procedure lasts between 1 and 2 h 30 under general anesthesia during a stay in a clinic of 1 day.

Post-operative follow-up

Bruises, slight swelling on the breasts and a feeling of tightness and heaviness persist for a few days.
It is strongly advised, not to practice violent sports activities, not to raise your arms too much upwards or to sleep on your stomach for 3 weeks.

Aesthetic result

A period of 3 months is necessary for the result of the cosmetic surgery of breast augmentation by prostheses to be definitive. This result, will allow an improvement in the volume and shape of the chest,
An impact on the overall silhouette,
Greater freedom of dress.
The recovery of a full femininity associated with psychological comfort.


The main complications of this procedure, consists of a "capsular contracture" that forms around the implant as a reaction of the body in order to isolate and protect itself,

A rupture of the prosthesis following a violent shock or the age of the implant.

However, the occurrence of such complications remains rare.


The cosmetic breast augmentation surgery operation, takes place in Tunisia in a renowned clinic and in compliance with international standards of quality of care for a price from 2000 € to install round prostheses from 2200 € when it comes to anatomical prostheses as part of a 5-day aesthetic stay in Tunisia,  50% cheaper than in Europe.

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