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Breast lipofilling in Tunisia: Rates, Interventions

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After the success of liposuction which eliminates excess fat on the face and the different regions of the figure, it is now possible to reuse the extracted fat mass that would be reinjected on areas lacking volume, namely, the face, buttocks and chest. This is the lipofilling technique.
In terms of breast, this technique was validated in 2015 by the High Authority of Health which states that after ten to fifteen years of hindsight that the transfer of fat does not promote the appearance of breast cancer.

What is breast lipofilling?

An act refractory to the placement of breast implants, which makes it possible to increase in a natural and moderate way the volume of the breasts for the benefit of a woman motivated to regain her previous state following a significant weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding using an "ecological" solution.
This is an innovative, efficient and durable breast augmentation procedure that improves the skin tone of the chest by creating a lifting effect for the benefit of a woman who is not very round and has lost little mass on her breasts due to age or following pregnancy.

Preoperative consultation

The surgical project is developed jointly between the cosmetic surgeon and his patient by addressing the expected aesthetic benefit, the limits of the surgery in terms of breast volume gain, its advantages, disadvantages and contraindications.
It is recommended that the patient stop smoking for 1 month before and after the operation as well as any medication containing aspirin during the 10 days preceding the day of surgery.


Grease suction

The choice of the donor site depends on the areas of excess fat and the expectations of the patient in favor of an appreciable improvement of the areas considered with the help of liposuction of excess fat.

Short incisions hidden on the natural folds, are necessary to carry out the removal of fat tissue in an atraumatic way using a thin suction cannula.
Then, a short-term centrifugation will separate the intact fat cells, which will be grafted, from the serosities and the oil.

Fat injection

The transfer of intact fat, takes place from using micro-cannulas to carry out a transfer of micro-particles of fat on the ribs to the skin according to many independent paths to be able to increase the surface of contact between the implanted cells and the recipient tissues in order to ensure the survival of the grafted fat cells.
Depending on the number of donor sites, the amount of fat to be transferred and a possible change of position, this operation lasts between 1 and 3 hours under general anesthesia and as part of a 1-day clinic stay.

Post-operative follow-up

This operation is transiently followed by swelling of the tissues at the sampling sites and breast breasts during the 48 hours following the procedure as well as bruises on the sampling areas and which resorb after 10 to 20 days.

Some fatigue is felt for a period of 1 to 2 weeks, especially in case of removal of a large mass of fat.


A period of 3 to 6 months is necessary to appreciate the final aesthetic result of breast lipofilling.
The operated chest, will present a larger volume associated with a more harmonious curve. As for the silhouette, it would also be improved by liposuction of donor sites such as hips, belly, saddlebags or knees.


In reality, the real complications related to the intervention remain rare.
An infection, is prevented by intraoperative antibiotic treatment and the occurrence of which is treated with antibiotic therapy,
An exceptional pneumothorax must then be the subject of a specific treatment if it remains important in the form of drainage.


The cosmetic surgery of breast lipofilling associated with an average liposuction, takes place in Tunisia in a renowned clinic and in compliance with international standards of quality of care for a price from 2500 euros as part of an aesthetic stay of 5 days in Tunisia, 50% cheaper than in Europe.