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Check-Up prevention in Tunisia

The goal of the examinations of the medical check-up is to detect the diseases at their stages of beginning or to reveal the hidden forms of pathologies.

The early diagnosis increases the chances of a successful treatment.

According to the family age and antecedents, certain assessments are advised; obviously it is not a question to be made all the assessments systematically.

The different check-up suggested :

  • Cardiovascular assessment:cardiovascular pathology is the first cause of mortality in France
  • Pulmonary assessment
  • Ophthalmologic assessment: the glaucome is the second cause of blindness in world after the cataract
  • Assessment ORL
  • Oral assessment: a bad oral hygiene can involve serious pathologies
  • Assessment gastro-enterology : tracking of cancer
  • Osseous assessment: osteodensitometrie
  • Gynaecological assessment: smear, mammography
  • Urologic assessment: tracking of cancers of the bladder, the prostate and the kidney

Health and Beauty enables you to carry out your assessments without delay of waiting within a pleasant framework during an organized tourist stay.