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Cheekbone prostheses in Tunisia

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Under the effect of old age on the face and neck, the cheekbones undergo a lack of relief. Indeed, they form the relief of the face giving it its character.
If they are chubby in a young woman, they would be flattened over time to give the face a bland and sad expression.
The installation of implants of the cheekbones, is recommended for a definitive increase.

What is the increase in cheekbones by prostheses?

Cosmetic surgery of "installation of malar and temple implants" or "malar prostheses", makes it possible to correct the asymmetries and congenital defects of the bone structure on the cheeks, an insufficiently defined structure.
This is what allows, to present cheekbones at the same time to be better defined, more protruding as well as a better balance of the proportions of the face set that will retain its natural appearance in line with the morphology of the patient's face and his personality.

This act, also allows the face to acquire a younger look on the basis of high and prominent cheekbones as one of the facial attributes often associated with the beauty of the face.

Surgery of malar prostheses, is indicated for:

  • Correction of asymmetries and congenital defects in the bone structure of the cheeks,
  • Have a face whose appearance would be younger,
  • Masculinize a face deemed too feminine or type a face so that it is "more Slavic".

Preoperative consultation

The cosmetic surgeon, determines the appropriate shape for the implants according to the psychological, morphological, aesthetic and technical aspect of his patient using a series of photographs in order to evaluate the expected aesthetic result.

A radiological examination, will allow the surgeon to study the bone architecture of the face as well as the importance of the lack of relief of the cheekbones in comparison with other facial structures.
A blood test is carried out in accordance with the prescriptions.
It is recommended that the patient stops smoking for 1 month before and after the operation as well as any medication containing aspirin during the 10 days preceding the day of surgery


On average, the operation of malar prostheses lasts 60 minutes under local anesthesia and as part of a stay in a clinic.
The cosmetic surgeon, proceeds by the practice of an endo-oral incision, inside the mouth, in order to put the temporal implants that would be introduced and fixed in a lasting way.
Finally, he sutures the incisions with absorbable threads and puts an external restraint bandage to prevent any early displacement of the prosthesis.

In a perspective of rejuvenation of the face, this act is sometimes associated with a cervico-facial facelift.

Surgical follow-up

This is a little painful operation.
A moisturizing eye drops, is prescribed.
For a few days, the patient should rest as much as possible while avoiding violent efforts.
Edema, bruises disappear after few days.
It is recommended, that the diet is semi-liquid for a few days during which it is necessary to rest as much as possible and avoid violent efforts


After a period of 2 to 3 months after the operation, it is possible to do a first estimation of the aesthetic result that would be final after 9 to 12 months.
This act, allows to obtain an appreciable aesthetic effect associated with a real psychological benefit.
The cheekbones, would be better defined, protruding and more in harmony with the other regions of the face.


Like any surgical operation, a number of complications can happen but it’s extremely rare. These are:

  • Edema, which persists beyond a few days and may require massage,
  • A partial loosening of the tissues,
  • Very visible scars or hair loss on the temporal area.