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Private clinic El Amen - Marsa

is located in a residential district of the balneal city of Marsa north of Tunis. Marsa is at 15 minutes of the airport of Tunis Carthage, at 5 minutes of the mythical city of Carthage, and with five hundred meters of the Mediterranean. The city of Marsa is a pleasant and calm city, which enjoys a soft climate and thus offers an environment favourable with the operations of plastic surgery.The private clinic El Amen Marsa did not cease since its repurchase in 2005 by the group El Amen, to renew and level its technical support center, in the objective to bring to its patients a better quality of care.

The surgical unit:

The surgical unit has five unit and operating rooms of monitoring post interventionnelle, all equipped with equipment of point making it possible to accommodate the major part of the surgical specialities and in particular the plastic surgery and plastic.

The department of anesthesia reanimation and treatment of the pain:

With the aim of ensure an optimal safety, all the operated patients are dealt with by team of doctors anesthetists réanimateurs, whose intervention begins during the consultation pre-anesthetic. The medical and surgical intensive care and resuscitation unit is equipped with material of point allowing the assumption of responsibility, under the optimal conditions, of the most serious diseases.