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Dental Surgery in Tunisia

Dental implant

An implant is an artificial root out of titanium which is fixed in the bone, which emerging from the gum will support a prosthetic tooth.

Thanks to the implants, a fixed prosthesis is then produced and the patient profits from a better comfort, of better a masticatoire effectiveness, better an elocution and better an esthetics.

Between the installation of the implant and that of the prosthesis, it is necessary to count between 6 weeks and 4 months so that the implant is integrated perfectly into the bone of the jaw.

The lifespan of the implants is at least 10 years but in general it is higher if the made patient of regular controls and has a good dental hygiene.

In certain cases, the implant treatment is not indicated (quality and quantity of insufficient bone for example). It is to the dental surgeon of advising his patient.

Dental Facet

It is indicated when a tooth is devitalized or damaged. The facet (a fine ceramics plate) makes it possible to mask the anomaly while preserving a harmonious smile.

It is also possible to place facets on the front teeth to clear up a smile.

Bleaching of The Teeth

It is a process which uses a bleaching gel (hydrogen peroxide) activated by the Zoom light.

It is done to the cabinet of the dentist in two meetings.

Teeth clear up approximately 2 to 3 colours and the effect hard one year to 5 years, according to the practices of the patient (tobacco, alcohol...)

Before After


Dental crown– Bridge - fixed Prostheses - removable Prostheses - Sine Top spin.

Treatment Tariff (Euros)
Chirurgie Dentaire
  Dental implant * 500
  Dental implant + couronne en céramique * 950
  Sinus lift * 900
  Dental Facet * 280
  Blanchiment des dents * 400
  Couronnes Céramo céramique * 350
  Couronnes Céramo métallique * 250
  Prothèse amovible en résine * 400