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Lift of the Arms

This intervention is addressed to people at whom a cutaneous relaxation of the arms can generate a physical and/or moral gene.

The Intervention

The incisions can be practised either on the level of the folds of the armpit, or over the length of the inner face of the arm.

The superfluous lubricating mass is lipoaspirée, cutaneous excess is réséqué and the retightened skin. At the end of the intervention, the incisions are sutured and of the sleeves of applications are posed on the arms.

The intervention is carried out under general anaesthesia, it lasts 2:00, the hospitalization of 24:00 is necessary.

Operational Results and Continuations

It is traditional to note the appearance of an oedema and bruise which reabsorbs spontaneously.

The discretion of the scars depends on the technique and the localization.

Before After