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Lift of the Thighs

This intervention is addressed to the people presenting a relaxation and a cutaneous excess visible with the level of the thighs.

This morphology of the thighs can be the source of nuisance physiques (frictions, irritations...) and/or morals.

The intervention

several techniques are possible according to the wide one of the zone has to treat; once the practised incisions, excess is withdrawn and the skin is retightened.

The intervention lasts on average 1:30, it is carried out under general anaesthesia, it requires a 2 days hospitalization. At the end of the intervention the patient is equipped with a panty girdle (panty of application) has fine to maintain the zone operated.

Operational Results and Continuations

It is traditional to note oedemas and bruises which reabsorb spontaneously.

The panty must be carried in a continuous way during 1 month. The scars are tiny on the level of the folds of the groin or the inner face of the thighs.

Before After