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It aims at correcting excess mammaire at the men.

It is indicated in 2 cases:

  • Glandular hypertrophy:one withdraws gland through small incisions around the areola and one leaves a layer of 10 mm to preserve a good vitality vasculo-mammelonnaire.
  • Lubricating hypertrophy: one makes an incision under the centre to withdraw it but one always leaves a thickness under cutaneous of approximately 10mm.

The intervention is conducted under general anesthesia and within a 24H stay in a private clinic. The intervention is done under general anaesthesia with a stay with the 24 hour old private clinic. The correction of the gynécomastie is simple and not very painful. The patient carries during 15 days a compression bandage.

The oedema and the bruises generally reabsorb in 15 days. The surgical result of the correction of the gynécomastie is excellent. The community activity can be begun again dice the 8th days.