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Buttock augmentation

By prostheses

The implants of buttocks are flexible but much more resistant than artificial breasts they are established by an elastomer of silicone and of frost of very cohesive silicone so they can not avoid.

The intervention

Is practised under general anesthesia or epdural.
the section is practised inter the fold gluteal.
the average duration of the intervention is 2h.
the hospitalization is 3days.

Consequences operating post

  • Pain is relieved with analgesic
  • Patient can sit down at the end of 24h and wolks after 48h

It is necessery at least 20 days to take back a normal activity

Increase of buttocks by injection of grease ( lipofilling)

The grease is inhaled at first by liposuction at the level of the belly, the hips or the riding breech.

The injection of the grease is made by small quantities in all the sector wished by buttocks.

The duration of the saty in a private hospital is 48h.

Consequence operating post

the patient must be relived by analgesic.

She can not sit down before 10 days

The risks

Are sharply lesser than prosthese

  • hématomes
  • infection
  • fontes graisseuses prématurée