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Male Intimate Surgery


Although the morphology of the penis has only few direct incidences on the sexual capacities of an individual or on its libido, it happens that a penis of size lower than the average is truly the source of an evil being and complexes.

The penoplastie allows the lengthening of the penis from 2 to 4 cm and/or its widening.

The intervention

  • Lengthening pénien: is realized by advancing the body of the penis after section of the ligament hanger located at the level of the pubis. The part of the penis under the pubis is then released outside, which allows a profit of a few centimetres in length.

  • Increase in the diameter of the penis: is realized thanks to the re-injection of grease taken by liposuction on the body of the patient (abdomen, lombes). It is centrifuged then injected between the skin of the rod and the body cavernous. This technique allows also a lengthening of a few mm 1 cm of the penis at rest. The intervention is carried out under general anaesthesia, it lasts on average 2:00 and the hospitalization is 24:00.

Operational Continuations and Results

It is traditional to observe oedemas and bruises which disappear spontaneously.A reduction in the sensitivity of the operated zone can also appear. It is restored at the end of a few days.

In order to make it possible the grafts to take seat well, an anti-érectile treatment is prescribed and the sexual intercourse proscribed for one month.

The results are visible after the intervention, the scars are very discrete. The penoplastie is an intervention which gives very good performances among patients having realistic waitings and which allows a notable profit in length and/or of diameter of the penis

Prosthesis Testiculaire Siliconée