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Female Intimate Surgery

Reduction of The Small Lips

Small hypertrophied, asymmetrical or injured lips (after childbirth) can affected psychologically of many women so much in their daily life (sport, wearing of tight clothing) that in the sexual life.

The cosmetic surgery makes it possible to cure these anomalies.

The intervention

The plastic surgeon makes it possible to decrease the hypertrophy of the lips, to correct asymmetries or of the lesions after childbirth; the correction must preserve the contour of these small lips from which the function consists in protecting the vagina.

The intervention requires an anaesthesia locorégional or general.


Formation of hématomes, seldom an infection

The Operational Care Post

The continuations are simple, however a bleeding in the first hours is possible. A 24 hours stay to the private clinic is desirable.

Contracting of The Vagina

Following a childbirth, to the ageing of fabrics or bad a muscular quality, certain women present a broader vagina. This limits frictions of the penis on the vaginal walls whose innervation is also faded, which can attenuate satisfaction and the sexual pleasure.

Thus the intervention consists in giving again with the vagina an optimal diameter thus enabling him to find its tonicity, its elasticity and thus to also improve its function at the time of sexual satisfaction.

The intervention is done under anaesthesia locorégional (péridurale) or general and lasts 1:30.

Raising of The Point G: Sexual Pleasure

Certain women are likely to know, in addition to to the pleasure clitoridien, the vaginal pleasure.

Following the ageing of the fabrics where with a relaxation of the vaginal walls it attenuates sometimes, to see disappears.

To cure it, it is possible to raise the point G per injection of hyaluronic acid

The intervention

The point G is a zone which seems more sensitive and which accounts for approximately 2 to 3 cm of the entry of the vagina. The hyaluronic acid is injected on this point in order to return more the contour proéminant. Rebuilding of the hymen.

Reconstruction de l’Hymen

The hymen can be repaired by gathering the supports hyménales thus recreating the complete circle hyménal or by using mucous vaginal membrane which makes it possible to build an artificial hymen.