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Liposuction Tunisia

It is the radical and final suppression localised lubricating overloads.

The principle is the introduction starting from small incisions of the nozzles foams connected to a closed circuit in which a pressure acts; insofar as these lubricating cells do not have the possibility of being regenerated, there will be thus no repetition.

Technological advances made it possible to extend its action to the level of the neck and the face (double chin)


After a blood assessment and a consultation preanaesthesia, the intervention will be made under local anaesthesia or general according to the quantity of grease has to withdraw.


depends on the number of zones has to treat, between 30mn and 2 hours.

Operational Continuations and Results

  • The patient carries a panty of application during 3 weeks
  • Oedemas appear on the operated zones which reabsorb naturally in a few days
  • The scars are quasi non-existent
  • It is disadvised exposing itself to the sun or UV for one month
  • The results are visible at the end of three months and are final
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