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Ophthalmologie in Tunisia


Optical correction for the people reached of myopia, hypermétrie, astigmatism or presbyopia their allowing to do without definitively correction (glasses or lenses).

Technique of Lasik

It has to cut out partially a fine plate of the cornea called cap, using a microkeratome (surgical instrument of precision), the cap is then raised in order to apply the laser of treatment, then repositioned by simple reactional adhesion; the intervention lasts only a few minutes and it is completely painless


The vision is clear meadows and blur by far, due in general has a too long eye or a too convex cornea.

  • a low myopia between-1 has -3 dioptres
  • a myopia average-3 has -6 dioptres
  • a strong myopia with the top of -6

The correction in Lasik of myopia consists in decreasing the curve of the cornea; it is possible of -1 has -12 dioptres.


The vision is vague meadows, it is due has a too short eye.

  • hypermètropy weak +1 has +2 dioptres
  • moyenne+2 has +4 dioptres
  • strong with the top of +4 dioptres

The correction by Lasik of the hypermètry consists in increasing the curve of the cornea so that the image of an object is formed on the retina.

Lasik makes it possible to treat the hypermètry of +1 has +6 dioptres.

In the case of very strong hypermétries, the refractive surgery consists in setting up a lens inside the eye, called implant intraoculaire.


The vision is turbid meadows like by far, of a deformation or an irregularity of curve of the cornea has.

The correction in Lasik consists in carving the cornea to standardize the curve.

The technique of Lasik makes it possible to treat all the astigmatisms.


It appears from 40 years, the vision of meadows becomes gradually fuzzy, which makes difficult the reading of texts to small characters, it is due to the normal ageing of the crystalline lens.

It varies with the old one of +0,5 has +3 dioptres between 40 and 60 years. Lasik makes it possible to treat all presbyopias almost associated or not with another eye trouble.


The preoperative assessment is necessary :

  • a corneal topography orbscan to make sure of the absence of a kératocône
  • a bottom eye
  • a pachymetrie to study the thickness of the cornea
  • The examination by specular microscopy to measure the number of cells endothéliales and to study their morphology
  • The aberrométrie louse to measure the diameter of the pupil

Lasik Femtoseconde

This technique is applied completely to the Laser, makes it possible to treat a myopia even stronger, until the inaccessible one and to give better results for the astigmatisms, the hypermétropies like for the treatment of presbyopia.

Femtoseconde emits short ultra light waves which involve a vaporization of corneal fabric creating of micro the gas bubbles; these juxtaposed bubbles allowing the creation of a corneal shutter very precise thickness cut out perfectly the programmed depth.

Lasik Femtoseconde presents many advantages compared to traditional Lasik what explains why it is more expensive

Other Ophthalmologic Iinterventions

  • surgery of the eyelids
  • surgery of the lachrymal voices
  • ocular prosthesis
  • graft cornea
  • pathologies of the optical nerve