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Vaser liposuction

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If the classic liposuction cosmetic surgery as implemented in 1977 by Dr. Yves Gérard Illouz and for a long time was considered the only option for the elimination of fat cells rebellious to sport exercises, today there is a more recent act that uses ultrasonic energy to permanently remove fat deposits.

What is Vaser liposuction?

"Vaser liposuction" or "soft liposuction", an alternative to traditional liposuction achievable by conventional surgical means, which uses ultrasound to remove subcutaneous fat and improve the aesthetics of a specific region of the figure.

This act is particularly indicated to peel off fat masses while protecting and conserving other tissues with less bleeding and bruising through the use of saline.
Vaser liposuction, is distinguished by the selection of fat in order to preserve the surrounding tissues. That is why it is referred to as "Lipo Selection". In addition, it sucks localized fat cells away from blood vessels and nerves.


This procedure, is a more selective system in comparison with other liposuction techniques that removes fat and retains tissues that remain important for the anatomical structure.
The Vaser Lipo, also allows to reach regions on which the fat is localized beyond the blood vessels and nerves.
In addition, the improvement of the contours of the silhouette and the aesthetic results would be more remarkable.

Preoperative consultation

A preoperative checkup is carried out in accordance with the prescriptions.
It is recommended that the patient stops smoking for 1 month before and after the operation as well as any medication containing aspirin during the 10 days preceding the day of surgery.


The cosmetic surgeon, inserts the ultrasound probes at the level of the adipose tissue in order to gently break down the fat cells located on:

  • Thighs,
  • Knees,
  • The belly,
  • Love handles,
  • Arms,
  • Breasts, 
  • Chin and neck.

In fact, the vibration will take off and gently release the fat cells as well as the tumescent fluid that has been injected into the area to be treated and that mixes with the fat cells that have just been peeled off.
Once the emulsion is started, the practitioner uses a cannula to be able to remove fluid and fat cells. Only a small amount of local anesthetic persists in the tissues to reduce postoperative pain.
In practice, the waves will destroy the fat cells that will be extracted using a Vasetou cannula probe that make it possible to obtain shorter incisions compared to conventional liposuction and therefore avoid stitches and possible complications.
The vaser Lipo operation, lasts 1 hour on average depending on the number of areas to be treated, it takes place under local anesthesia during a stay in a clinic of 1 day.

Post-operative follow-up

This operation, is less invasive compared to the classic technique of which requires a faster recovery time.
The postoperative pain of this act is reduced, in fact, a small amount of local anesthetic always remains on the patient's tissues.

This is a short recovery phase since the patient would be able to resume his professional activities immediately.
Bruises and hematomas are less important compared to conventional liposuction.


The Vaser lipo, eliminates in a way both definitively and radically excess fats without any pain or social eviction with an appreciable aesthetic result immediately.

The skin, would be firmer, softer and without bumps or cavities. As for the silhouette, it would be better defined.