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For those who do not know the tummy tuck, it is an intervention that reduces the thickness of abdominal fat and get a flat stomach.

This cosmetic surgery will allow you to get rid of the fat located on your stomach, even if you are satisfied with the result, you can perfect it and here are some effective tips to have the belly of your dreams.

The most important thing is that you have to wait because the total result is not visible immediately because the abdomen can be a little swollen due to the operation. Then the final result is only after 3 months minimum.

In order for you to help your skin to tighten and to improve the abdominal muscles, we advise you to wear a sheath or abdominal belt for 4 to 6 weeks, day and night.

Even if you will find some difficulties to adapt to it, but after it will bring you a real comfort in everyday life.

Indeed, after your operation, you must reduce daily activities to reduce tired but this does not mean that you must remain bedridden, it is also advisable to walk a minimum (30 minutes), to promote circulation and in particular to reduce the risk of phlebitis. Moreover, after 3 months you will have the agreement of your cosmetic surgeon to resume the sport.

Balanced and healthy nutrition is necessary after any operation to help the body heal well, so do not hesitate to drink plenty of water, and focus on foods rich in iron to compensate for the loss of blood associated with the body. surgery.