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Medical Tourism in Tunisia

Medical tourism is a new world tendency in full growth, with licence has million people to carry out their dream that to transform their image completely, to profit from a better quality of care at an affordable price, to avoid waiting and to benefit from an atmosphere relaxed within a pleasant framework and in any discretion.

According to the French agency of development (AFD), the rate of dissatisfaction of Europeans of their health reaches 80% in Greece, 50% in Spain, 48% in Germany, 40% in GB, 34% in France and Belgium.

One estimates at 12 million the number of European patients who went abroad to carry out care. 16 million would be the number of petitioning American of care abroad.

Tunisia became a pole of export of the departments of health while proposing and on level the modernity of its infrastructure and human competences necessary to benefit from the universalization of health. In Tunisia one records 110 Private clinics, 1400 cabinets of dental surgery, 100 centers of dialyses, 3400 doctor's offices in which 51% are specialists.

In addition the health policy in Tunisia especially contributed to the creation of a technical plate and to know to make undeniable; Tunisian competences are for this reason required in the countries of the Middle-East, in South Africa and Europe.

Indeed Tunisia proposes services at prices twice less low than in Europe for three reasons

  • the life is less expensive in Tunisia.
  • interesting foreign exchange rate: 1 Euro = 1,85 Dinars Tunisian.
  • tax incentives granted by the Tunisian state to encourage this sector.
  • In 2008,150 000 Europeans came to carry out care in Tunisia (43 000 in 2003).

The cosmetic surgery remains the most required speciality.Orthopedy, ophthalmology, the cardiovascular surgery and dental medicine record however a rise on the level of the request.